It all began with a legendary 60’s group The Seeds. When original front man Sky Saxon joined up with Rik Collins, bassist for the Woolly Bandits. Rik took them on four European tours and three National tours. They also released the critically acclaimed “Red Planet” album. When fans and industry types wanted to know who the younger band was backing Sky, Rik along with guitarist Mark Bellgraph decided to start The Woolly Bandits, named after a nickname one of Sky’s girlfriends had given him. Since then Sky is no longer with us. But The Woolly Bandits carry on in the spirit of The Seeds. As a three piece The Bandits released “Say Hello To My Little Friend” But things were about to change radically in the form of a new female lead singer.

Woolly Bandits Christa Collins 2007When Christa Collins (formerly Christa Larson) joined the Woolly Bandits in 2007, she had not performed since a guest appearance on Michael Jackson’s “Heal the World” in 1991. As Disney’s first recording artist and the prototype for the child music star (Christa Larson – Minnie and Me), her career was on a trajectory for stardom. And then tragedy struck. While on tour in Australia supporting her new CD, Christa’s mother, Denice, was killed by a hit-and-run driver. Christa was no longer the same girl after losing her mother, manager, and guiding force.

Disney released Christa from her recording contract shortly after at age 11. It would be years before Christa returned to the stage. Recently Christa made a big impression on the commercial music world with her appearance on season 1 of X Factor. Christa made it to top 8 but was blocked by Disney and X Factor was forced not to air her true story. Christa is an odd force in music, she has pop sensibility of course, but with her rocky road the last decade, including living in her car for a while! HChrista Collins Woolly Banditser love of punk and Garage rock, makes for a unique specimen in music. With The Bandits her high energy Punk/Garage persona is let loose. Recently gaining the admiration and sharing the stage with Iggy Pop himself. Don’t get in twisted she is not a Disney kid nor a Miley Cyrus type clown, she is a real artist, gaining the respect of true rock and roll fans around the world. How many people can say they sang with Michael Jackson and Sky Saxon? Coincidentally they both died on the same day.

Woolly Bandits Live 2017Woolly Bandit fans get to revel in the explosion at every show, but they don’t get to just sit back and take it all in. The band demands energy from the audience, and they get it. Even if chin stroking is your usual show stance, you’ll be up front and dancing with The Woolly Bandits before you even know what hit you. Being witness to things like the world’s only tandem drum solo doesn’t hurt when it comes to getting the crowd revved up, of course, but the good times happening on stage have a way of bringing out the Woolly Bandit inside everyone in the room. This type of stage show and songwriting has made the Woolly Bandits a favorite of legendary KROQ D.J. Rodney Binngenheimer, he champions them on his show every chance he gets.

In 2009 The Woolly’s released “Woman Of Mass Destruction” and went on a European tour in support of the album. They have a new 5 E.P. entitled “All Caught Up In you”. National and European tour dates set for 2014. Also, several new videos are set to be released and a documentary on the band is production. The Woolly Bandits motto is “fear no music” so don’t try and box them in, they’ll smash! Their story is still being written…..
Bomp Shu Bomp